Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to be fit in this economy?

Health care costs are souring, insurance premiums are raising, co-pays are higher, insurance is not covering many health conditions. Health club memberships are expensive. Economy is depressingly bad. Apart from these, income sources are going down. So not sure when someone is going to lose their job. Then how to be still fit without burning your wallet? How to be fit with in the budget?

Walking is mother of all fitness activities. Simply walking an hour a day will be a great thing to do. It helps burn the calories and gives great relaxation. Go to neighborhood/city park with a friend or family member and just walk on the trails while chatting about your favorite subject.

Jogging helps you more than one way. It not only helps you in burning the calories, but also helps you reducing the chances of getting osteoporosis. jogging is a very good way of improving cardiovascular health, bone density, and physical fitness.

Biking is very good for improving fitness and cardiovascular health. It is a very low impact exercise and even good for people suffering from arthritis and joint pain. Get to a routine, ex., bike to your local library, when ever you visit your friend who lives with in couple of miles are few good example of making use of biking. If you want to be a very serious biker, join a biking club.

Skipping is a very good aerobic exercise to do at home. It is good for cardiovascular health, bone density, weight loss, physical fitness. Average jump ropes can be bought for under $10 and high quality jump ropes can be bought from $15 to $25. Some of them comes with digital counter, soft hand grips, leather thread and etc. It is very easy on your wallet.

Aerobic Step exercises are very good for whole body fitness, cardiovascular health, weight loss. Turn on your favorite music and start your exercise. It is very fun especially when you do it withyour family members. Kids really love to do this with their parents, especially with music and dancing feats on the steps. A great way of getting fitness for whole family. Great and fun way to teach your kids, which they are going to keep for rest of their lives. You can buy aerobic step from $ 35 to $150. Expensive ones does not mean better. Check for the features you need. Do not pay for the fancy features you never use.


  1. Great info. simple, cheap, effective

  2. Great post. I love all the ideas you give here and that they include the whole family. Sometimes just getting outdoors and kicking a ball or throwing a Frisbee makes for great family and fitness time.

  3. Great, simple techniques.

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