Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fitness and exercises for Software Professionals

Exercises for software engineers with back inversion table, home elliptical machines, stationary exercise bike, whole body vibration exercise machine and mini exercise bike .

Software Engineers, IT professionals and other people who work on computers most of the time, are very vulnerable to certain kind of deceases. So they need to be careful and exercise to be fit. But the questions are, What kind of deceases they are more vulnerable to? and what kind of exercises are good for them?

Since Software professionals most time sit at the computers with out changing postures, it puts lot of pressure on their lower back. Which will cause disk herniation (also called sciatica). Sciatica is condition where the pain radiates from lower back all the way to foot. This Herniated disk, if not treated early, may lead to complicated back surgery. The best way to avoid this is by using a back inversion table. Inversion Tables helps in spinal decompression, which alleviates back pain and sciatica.

The other problem IT Professionals face is heart attack. Many Software guys get heart attacks even at early ages like 25 to 35 years. So it is very important to do cardio exercises. Elliptical trainers are very good for cardio. Home elliptical machines are very effective and affordable and takes very less real estate compared to bulky ones. Stationary exercise bikes are also very effective cardio equipment.

Obesity and fatigue are other problems that Computer professionals face. The easy way to lose the fat from the body is by doing vibrating exercises. Using whole body vibration exercise machine one can quickly and effectively shed the extra pounds and become active.

The other simple way to exercise is by using mini exercise bike. Just keep it under your office desk and bike while you work. This way you do not need any extra time for your exercises. This can be done even when you are very busy at work.

Talk to your doctor and personal fitness trainer before adopting this or any other exercises in to your daily routines.

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